Cooking with Cancer Recipes

The latest round of Cooking with Cancer classes closed in late January with a packed-house demonstration from Dr. Luis Pineda and Chef Antony Osborne. Thirty-two patients and caregivers turned out to watch Dr. Pineda and Chef Osborne prepare a goat cheese terrine with tomato and basil as well as a dessert of olive oil ice cream.

Dr. Pineda spoke about the impact food choice has on our cells and how important it is to eat whole foods—fruits, veggies, beans, and grains—and avoid processed foods.

The recipes were of special importance to patients with head and neck cancers. The goat cheese and olive oil help coat the mouth, esophagus, and stomach, which makes chewing, swallowing, and digesting easier.

Dr. Pineda also talked about “re-firing” the taste buds after cancer treatments by cooking with jalapenos and peppers. These foods can help patients taste and enjoy food quicker following treatments.

We’ve included the two recipes for you to download below.

Recipe: Goat Cheese Terrine

Recipe: Virgin Olive Oil Ice Cream



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